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Teaching During the Pandemic

Teacher Roundtables: Teaching during the Pandemic" offers a deep dive into the challenges and triumphs of six educators during the pandemic.

This film unfolds through a roundtable discussion that facilitates personal anecdotes about the emotional and professional hurdles teachers faced as they worked to connect and engage with their students during the initial lockdown and the personal toll of navigating their health and well-being once schools returned the following year.

The story showcases the remarkable ways teachers went above and beyond to support their students and the innovative strategies that emerged from the experience.

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latest roundtable

Teaching During the Pandemic

Official Release

This 30-minute cinematic version offers an opening and closing sequence to the discussion.



This trailer provides a short overview of the discussion, with short soundbites from the film.


Minimal Edit

This extended 60-minute version shares more of the discussion with minimal editing.


... my students were the main source of inspiration and motivation, the ones that helped me problem-solve. I heard across the board from administrators or just people that were sitting in an office, we don't have the answers, we don't have the answers [...] So I leaned on my students to help me problem solve..

Andrea Amado

World Languages Teacher

I couldn't sit at a desk because I had to remove my desk because in order to fit all the desks, I had to lose all my bookshelves, and my desk. And it was nothing but 1930 rows of children as far apart as they could be. And then I was up at the front of the room.

Leigh Ann McNamara

First Grade Teacher


Teacher Rountables

Teacher Roundtables: Voices in Education is a film series that facilitates open and honest conversations with educators. Each roundtable explores a single issue impacting teaching and learning environments and highlights the innovative strategies teachers develop to address these issues. The goal is to produce one roundtable discussion per year and eventually provide a tool kit for K-12 teachers so they can design and facilitate their own roundtables in their schools.

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